Ant Man 7/10

I haven’t written a movie review in a while but I thought of making one for Ant Man because it had a mentor element to it and I like mentor movies, and like I said I can’t get it out my mind so here I am writing it.

It had to do with Kung Fu Panda 2008 (yes I am referring Kung Fu Panda, I have a point here bear with me). In it, Dustin Hoffman plays Master Shifu, teacher and mentor to Jack Black’s Po.

To recount, a flashback informs the audience the origin of the main antagonist Tai Lung. Tai Lung was Master Shifu’s main candidate to be Dragon Warrior and was trained his whole life to expect he would be so. Shifu’s own Master Oogway however, never allowed it. As a result Tai Lung grew disillusioned and angry, focusing his anger on Shifu for making him expect so much.

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Poem for Ace on his 2nd Birthday

Our little boy is 2
Amongst other colors he can say the word ‘blue’
He eats a banana everyday
Once a week he’s at his cousins’ to play
But today is special, today he turns 2.

Our little boy is 2
We are your parents, we love you
You’re so big and smart, you’re the best
How did we get so lucky, so blessed
Today is special. Today you turn 2.

Weird Being Chased Dream

I had an odd dream last night and it’s so odd that I’m actually writing about it.

It was a recollection of an incident I may have buried in my head probably for decades.

When I was around 15 – 16 years old I was coming home from school. I got off the jeep too early out of habit because I usually spend time in my grand parent’s house so I had to walk a few extra blocks to get home.

On the way home I passed a street where a bunch of kids my age who didn’t like me saw me and started throwing rocks at and chasing me. I still remember looking to my left startled because I actually felt the wind off of a stone passing the left side of my head.

They basically chased me around three streets, hurling what they could at me and swearing as loud as they could. It was in the middle of the afternoon and I suddenly remembered every footstep of my shoes on the pavement, every time I looked back grabbing my knees panting in exhaustion checking if they were still there, only to run again because they were.

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The Halted S90 Project And A Realignment Of My Restoration Policies

So here’s the latest on the S90. I have decided to shelve it after it has been confirmed that the parts I bought were mostly wrong or not any good – particularly the frame and tank. Otherwise everything else is usable.

But here’s the thing – even before I confirmed this I was already wavering on my continuing the project for two reasons. After my experiences with Leslie I had started to learn a lot more about what I like about restoring things in the first place, and it turns out that a.) I like the actual restoration process, including sourcing parts, studying service manuals, talking to like minded people and such and b.) I like to ride. I like riding per se, I like to take it places and I love the feeling of the open road – a constant phrase you will hear amongst many motorcycle owners.

On the other hand, I DO NOT WANT A GARAGE QUEEN. I do not want a machine that after I restore will just sit in my garage while I use something else most of the time. It seems a terrific waste to have something I worked on so hard to just sit idly and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if I continued the project.

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New Carb, Mirrors

After the rebore on Leslie I needed to address another much older problem, acceleration hesitation and occasional stalling. It is a terrible problem because just when you need good acceleration such as when you’re trying to do a u-turn on the highway before a car comes it would suddenly sputter and die. It made me feel like throwing it off a bridge.

So I decided to finally spring for a new carburetor (P4,700.00).

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Leslie ReBore

My mechanic confirmed what I suspected which was that Leslie’s engine was eating oil. I could here the rocker arms clicking louder than usual indicating that oil wasn’t getting to it and it was also spewing out white smoke like a 2 stroke. A top overhaul was necessary so that meant a new piston, piston rings and valve seals (the valves were still ok). The piston below showed the worst of it, streaks of metal hitting metal.badz

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My Philippine Pali Goal – A Bucket List Is Born

Why is it we set seemingly difficult, unnecessary goals for ourselves? Is it because we find the idea of pursuing it romantic? Does it serve as some form of reverie, something that allows us to escape the day’s challenges so that we can instead think of this lofty goal and find pleasure in finding a way towards achieving it?

I ask because yeah that’s exactly what’s happening because for some odd reason I have decided that I want to drive to the Philippine Pali (Highest Point) in the Philippine Highway System at Benguet. And not just get there, but get there using either of my two small motorcycles.pali

pic from here.

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