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lebron james

Lebron James has come up with a performance we all knew he was capable of and we all had been waiting for. In a double overtime victory, the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken one game ahead of the Detroit Pistons 3-2.

Here are the stats: 48 points, 7 assists, 9 rebounds, 10 of 14 freethrows and 2 out of 3 three point attempts, two at each overtime period, both just at the right moment to steal the thunder away from Detroit whom at various times looked like they were about to pull away.

In a performance heralded as ‘one of the most spectacular in NBA Playoff history’, the game itself was a heart pounder, with 22 lead changes and 16 times tied.

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P.S. I’m gonna start reposting basketball exchange posts here. Not that it needs any more of a push, but it helps, just as my reposting my movie review posts at movie ex helped that site :)

ABC Sports will feature BallEx Tomorrow!

ABC Sports will feature posts from Basketball Exchange tomorrow!!

Here’s their letter:

I’m Quel Valencia of ABC Sports and we’ve been browsing your weblog “Basketball Exchange” for sometime now. We’d like to request your permission to use the three blog entries posted by John Dacanay focusing on PBA lookalikes:


We’re planning to feature some of the lookalikes during the halftime game this Wednesday. I hope you could reply as soon as possible through email or through text.

Thank you and good day!

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